Housefreqs Radio – Tom Harrison

DJ, delver, occasional producer, remixer and promoter. A deep-rooted part of the North West music scene based in Liverpool. Expect to hear deep house, tech house and techno blurred and blended. Addicted to new music.
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Housefreqs Radio – BLCK_DJ

BL.CK is a Frankfurt-based DJ and producer whose life from an early age revolved around music. His ear for a catchy beat developed through drum-playing in his early years and quickly developed into an attraction to not only acoustic beats but also the rhythmic sound of electronic music. It was then that BL.CK moved on to mastering the use of turntables to play the music he soon discovered he loved.These days BL.CK’s style encompasses a spectrum of music which ranges from dark, traditional techno to bright, funky, trippy, vocal-based tech house. His belief that ‘Groove is the key to happiness’ is the theme which runs through both his musical productions and his mixes; he is always in search of sounds with a certain je ne sais quoi which make the listener sit up and pay attention to incorporate in his musical ventures.“Music is as personal as it gets; it’s not about just hearing the music… it’s about feeling it.”For BL.CK connecting music with emotions and understanding this connection in order to generate sounds to get people dancing is key to both his productions and mixes.In 2017 BL.CK founded DOPECODEDTECH RECORDS; this ‘all about the music’ label is hopefully going to become a music ‘home’ for all of you Techno and Techhouse lovers out there.
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Housefreqs Radio – Shumbo Jebang

Shumbo Jebang is a duo from Birmingham and Manchester inspired by the sounds of Berlin. They came together through a shared love of house and techno in the early noughties running a successful club night – Jumbo Shebang – at Manchester’s Joshua Brooks and after a brief hiatus they have reformed under their slightly adapted guise. With an unquenchable thirst for electronic music from the past and the present the duo pride themselves on a deep knowledge of the scene to deliver high quality sets covering a variety of styles with the mantra that no great record ever gets old. Simon and Sean met in early 2002, Simon was studying for a degree in marketing and music production in Manchester and had moved up from Birmingham. The Pair met while both working part time during their studies, with music being the topic they instantly bonded over. For both of them music was a cornerstone of who they were as people.

Sean Curtis

Sean’s father was a DJ playing Disco and 80’s electronica in Manchester, Wilmslow and via hospital radio, without doubt he inherited his love of music from him. An 11 year old Sean was introduced to The Prodigy by an older neighbour and was instantly hooked, the tempo, the samples and the energy, his love affair with electronic music began right there listening to tracks like “Poison” and ” Your Love” and “Hyperspeed”. As a rebellious teen Sean turned to Gangster Rap and hip hop but even then he was drawn to the more musical West Coast G-Funk sound that had grown organically from its Disco roots, albums from Dre, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, 2pac and Bone Thugs and Harmony were firm favourites. The draw to electronica was never far away and his summers in Ireland partying to mainstream Trance affirmed his ambition to start DJing, He bought his first belt drive turntables shortly after his 18th birthday.


Simon was too lazy to contribute to this paragraph so, Sean made it up. Simon first heard electronic music while following his beloved Birmingham City. He would take the coach to away games with his uncles and they would listen to the Vengaboys and Sash on repeat. As soon as he was old enough he would spend his all his time at Tidy weekends, developing quite a crush on Ann Savage, he was once thrown out for chucking is boxers at her. Realising he was only scratching the surface of Techno it took a move to Manchester the capital of the north to discover a more underground sound. He never lost his love for The Tamperer “Feel it” or ELO’s “Mr Blue sky” as they took him straight back to St Andrew’s.

They began frequenting Sankey Soap ‘s (as it was then) Saturday night “Redlight” enjoying sets from the likes of Eric Morillo, Danny Rampling, Harry Romero, DJ sneak, Steve Lawler, Paul Woolford, Tim Deluxe, The Plump DJ’s and Tom Middleton. After recruiting a couple of friends they went on to put on their own night “Jumbo Shebang ” at what was then Sofa (Now Joshua Brooks) running on a Thursday night for almost a year great times were had by all that joined them on the dancefloor.

The fun was short lived as Simon returned to Birmingham, the pair stayed in contact for the next few years both travelling to each other’s cities for nights out. Holidaying together became a twice yearly occurrence, first on a yearly summer Ibiza pilgrimage and later they added winter trips to Berlin. It was Berlin that possibly reignited that desire to reunited behind the decks once more, the DIY nature of clubbing landscape especially in what was the Old East Berlin was a light-bulb moment and they found themselves thinking they still had something to offer the scene. Struggling for something to call their new venture one of their mutual friends came up with the idea of swapping around the name from the Manchester night and SHUMBO JEBANG was born!
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Housefreqs Radio – Nelson Reis

Nelson Reis is a DJ and producer with a truly unique background. His music blurs the lines between genres of House and Techno, going for a versatile and innovative approach. This talented and experienced producer releases a variety of subgenres of House music and publishes his works through all major music stores with the support of established record labels as Smilax Publishing & Records, CrackHouse Recordings, Club Sessions, High Pro-File Recordings, Nothing But, LW Recordings, LAD Publishing & Records and many others.

As a DJ, Nelson Reis has mastered the fine and subtle art of truly connecting with his audience. His sets are not only entertaining but also deeply engaging and very diverse. Each mix is unique and he is never afraid to get out of his comfort zone, mixing up various combinations of genres and influences in order to get the mix to the level where it needs to be. Whether he is blasting the most energetic Techno House or tantalizing the audience with some textural minimal vibes, Nelson Reis has a unique way to blend songs together seamlessly, aiming for the perfect set. On stage, he has also appeared alongside well-respected international acts, including Mark Knight, Junior Jack, Jay Lumen, Loco & Jam, Jim Rivers, King Unique, Fergie and many others.

His approach in the studio is equally diverse as his eclectic live sets. Often considered a “no style man”, Nelson Reis escapes all barriers and categories, following the flow of inspiration and going wherever it might lead him. Nelson Reis is the kind of artist who dares to make the music that he actually really wants to make. Remarkably, he is never too afraid to experiment or get creative, in order to truly achieve the sound that he wants. His productions are particularly notable for the excellent production value and outstanding attention to details. At the end of the day, it’s all about the feeling and following the right vibe at the right moment.

Nelson is originally from Lisbon, Portugal, where he was born. However, he later moved to Northern Ireland, where he still lives, produces and performs.
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Housefreqs Radio – Kikka Vara

Kikka Vara is a Japan-born, Switzerland based DJ & Producer.
Since she started learning Piano at age 3, she was always passionate about music, made tracks with music software and sang self composed songs in several events in Tokyo.
Finished Software Sound Manipulation and Composition Certificate course of Sound training college in Dublin.
In 2017 April Housebugs records from Berlin signed her first release ‚2nd Place’, groovy funky techhouse track making it’s round on the dance floors. She has other releases, house track ‚Free your Soul’ from NY’s reknowned Karmic Power records, 3 more house releases from Transform recordings in London.
many more upcoming releases in 2018 : tech house tracks by Bedroom Muzik, Crossworld academy etc.
techno Remix : by Society Music Recordings

She started mixing on several radioshows like, Dancemusic radio (Netherlands), HouseFreqs Radio (UK), Neele Records Podcast (Germany ), DJ play in Events in London, in Tokyo, Ministry of sound in London, Ibiza Rocks Bar

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