Sonus 2018

Almost 70 artists are playing three clubs, right at the Croatian shores at Pag Island. It’s a dream come true. Want to celebrate open-air all night? Want to watch the sunrise while listening to your favorite DJs play? Want to go swimming in crystal clear waters all day just to do it all over again tomorrow?

Croatian festival Sonus has revealed a mega line-up of international artists set to play out at the Zrce Beach party later this August.

Richie Hawtin, Sven VÃth, Peggy Gou, Ricardo Villalobos, Jackmaster, Amelie Lens and Joseph Capriati are just some of the names confirmed in the festival’s first wave of announcements. They will be joined by Drumcode boss Adam Beyer, Seth Troxler, Eats Everything, Charlotte De Witte, Chris Liebing, Maceo Plex and more.

Sonus Festival 2018 takes place August 19-23 on Pag Island, Croatia. To grab a ticket or for further information head over to the festival website here, and check out the official line-up announcement video below.

First release tickets are now available! This ticket will grant you five days and five nights of full access to all three of the Sonus clubs, right at the beach.

Source -Mixmag & Sonus festival


Housefreqs Radio – Mister’Benji

Mister’Benji, real name Benjamin Lekgau from a town named Polokwane in the Limpopo province (South Africa) currently residing in the big city of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province (South Africa). I fell in love with house music back in the early 90’s during my primary schooling days through one of the largest urban radio station in South Africa called MetroFM, i would cross-night on weekends listening to my favorite mix shows & DJ’s mixing live which really inspired me to curiously wonder how they did it. Fast froward to my high schooling days i started attempting to mixing songs which i would record on a TDK cassettes and that’s where the story began. I started DJying on a mainstream club level just over a decade ago for which during that time i was exploring my sound. Am now confident to proudly say am content with the choice of sound am currently embracing which that of deep house sound. I play deep house in it’s most diverse; from Soulful, Tech , Broken beats & Nujazz with a blend of Afrohouse. My stage name as one would obviously guess, it comes from my birthname “Benjamin”.

I recently together with my fellow DJ friends started an entertainment movement named Deeper-Sound-Prophecy for which we use to advance & promote the house music culture, more preferably deep house.

For booking Mister’Benji :

email :

call/whatsapp : 064 2862276

I played at some of the biggest night clubs in South Africa including the 2017 South African dance club award winning (TRUTH night club).

DJ Pavement Interview

DJ Name: Pavement

Real Name: Billy edwards

Where are you from?


How long have you been DJ ing?

about 4 years

What got you into being a DJ?

Growing up i started to go out to a few club nights, and gained an interest through that lifestyle. But being born into a musical family pushed my interest in performance from an earlier stage.

When was your first exposure to electronic music?

Probably when i was about 10 or 11, through my brother, with artists such as The Prodigy.

What parties are you playing at this year?

I have a current residency at a Birmingham student night called 99 Flake,and will hopefully be launching my own event later this year in the local area.

What were your favourite parties you’ve played at?

I enjoyed my 3 1/2 hour set in Brighton, warming up

the top room for a friend with disco, funk and similar


Do you produce your own music?

Yes, but nothing released yet

Are you signed to a record label?


Do you ever play live or do you just DJ?

if this is referring to live instruments, i sometimes incorporate my drum machine and synth into sets.

Who are some live acts that inspire you?

Phuture, Ceephax acid crew, Sly & Robbie

Who were the 3 most influential artists of last year?

Ben rau, tom trago, fish eat man

If you could go to one gig tonight where would you go?


What can we expect from you this year?

Event launches, music releases, more sets

What would you say the single most vital piece of tech is?

a mixer? headphones?

What is that thing that most people don’t know about you?

that i am 22, as i look younger haha


Based in Birmingham.

House, Tech & Acid with moody tones of the Funk & Soul era.

After an upbringing around music through my family, i grew up with an interest in the DJ world, and began with a weekly slot at a local bar in my hometown, playing chilled House, Funk & Soul vibes. After recently moving to Birmingham, i am burying my roots into the thriving club industry of Digbeth, while occasionally throwing out Funk & Soul sets for friends events around the UK, the most recent of these being at ‘Sticky Mike’s’ in Brighton. Currently spinning two turntables through a 4 channel Traktor controller, this gives me the use of vinyl and digital for a broad yet refined style of play.

I am also a studying Visual Designer with an interest in texture and tone, and work predominantly with music artwork and club flyers –

DJ Shemy

My name is Przemek (eng”Pshemek”)
Im polish male DJ.
My first steps as professional DJ were in 1993
The first place I debuted as a DJ was the Dallas club in Wroclaw – Lesnica, then things have gone very quickly.
Killer Blue (Wroclaw), Kino (Śróda Slaska), Remix (Jelcz Laskowice), Bachus (Wroclaw), Reduta (Wroclaw), Buldog (Wrocław), Extasy (Wrocław), Collumbus( Wroclaw) Bunkier (Wrocław), Maximum (Wroclaw), Cart & horses (Stratford – London),The Bridge House (Bishops Stortford)

Time to say goodbye to DJ _ EMO and welcome new DJ _ Shemy ….. Why? Why? I’ve been an Emo for years, but I’m afraid I have nothing to do with Emo Style, so I need to change the name to better suit me

My career ended in 2004,
i think now its time for Re-Born as a DJ SHEMY

Check my MIXCLOUD website


Housefreqs Radio – Paolo Tossio

Italian DJ, Music Producer & Music Director for Savvy Theatre Company, Heff Festival Teen Tent organizer & DJ.

As a DJ with many years of experience playing at Clubs, Bars, Festivals and Private Parties, when Paolo plays, he feeds off of the relationship between the crowd and himself, like an intense workout that everyone can enjoy! Regularly plays: HOUSE – Deep, Tech, Funky & Disco, but he can satisfy any genre requirement from promotions who like to book him!

As a producer, he believes in originality and stems his inventive music writing and productions from life experiences and regularly collaborates on diverse projects using a variety of music styles.

He began producing and DJ in Italy in his early teens & after moving to London in the late nineties, he was gigging at the great clubs like Ministry of Sound, Alexandra Palace, The Fridge, SE1 & Camden Palace alongside leading industry names such as Tiesto, Carl Cox, John 00 Fleming, Mauro Picotto and many other top Djs from around the world.


● Pop On Over Parties, House, Tech House, Funky House & Disco

●, Radio Show, Every Friday 5-7pm, playing Anything House

● Tribal Village, Electronic, Progressive & Funky Techno

● HEFF Festival, Sets up and runs the Party Tent, DJ & runs The DJamSandwich workshop – a funky mix of dj and musician jamming sessions, plus Silent Disco

● Savvy Theatre Company, Music Director, Dj & Music Editor


● Currently working on new material to showcase in his DJ sets

● New Album in the pipeline, release date TBA

● Ongoing music editing for Savvy Theatre


‘Crossing the Line’, Urban Interface Dance Uk for resolution! at The Place, Euston

(Short clip

● Brief: compose a diverse 15 minute piece of music which he achieved by following the dance routine and creating the sounds to suit the movement and mood of each section of the routine. In addition he advised and worked on lighting and video editing

● Genre: Variety of contemporary sounds and styles

‘Alice’s Mad Tea Party’, Savvy Theatre Company, Honeywood Museum, Carshalton

(Short Clip ), (Soundtrack )

● Brief: direct, rearrange, compose all music and sounds for each scene; create official soundtrack

‘Romeo & Juliet’, Savvy Theatre Company, Honeywood Museum, Carshalton (Soundtrack on request)

● Brief: direct, rearrange, compose all music and sounds for each scene; create official soundtrack

‘Ecobeats’, Imagine Arts Festival, Sutton

(Soundtrack (Video on request)

● Brief: work with teenagers, dancers, beat boxer, twin violinists and beat poet to create music and short film on an Eco theme

‘Eva Cammarata’, Fashion Designer, London

(Short Clip )

(Soudtrack )

● Brief: create a piece of music to accompany this designer’s collection for London Fashion Week

● Genre: ethnic, electronic, ambient

‘The H20 Show’, Imagine Arts Festival, Sutton

(Video & Music )

● Guest House Opera – remix/sound engineer & PA hire for live show

● Remix/record/ arrange sounds for Savvy’s short water themed film

‘Lyrical’, Collaboration with the artist – a rapper & beat poet

(Track )

● Genre: Fusion of Hip Hop, Electronica, Rock


● Audio Production & Editing

● Sound Engineer

● Sound Technician

● Logic

● Ableton

● Social Media & Promotion

● Workshop Facilitation

● Enhanced DBS

The Boony Interview

Here we meet up with Boony, one of the founding members of housefreqs, Boony has been a part of the community since even before the site was launched and has continued to support the community and all of the other members throughout that time. With that in mind we take some time out to catch up with him to find out a little more about what makes him tick.

DJ Name: Boony

Real Name: Daniel Haines

Where are you from?

Brentwood Essex

How long have you been DJ’ing?

Roughly 20yrs

What got you into being a DJ?

Summer of Love 1989, Wharehouse raves and Partying in farmers fields, like anyone at the time we bought the music we heard at the raves, it was so difficult to find the songs we’d heard, it was like a massive victory to have a tune no one else had at the time, as my record collection grew I was finding ways to create mixtapes without a typical dj set-up, when I think of the crap I had hooked up in my bedroom, wires everywhere, old bits of this stereo and that stereo. My poor mum!!
When was your first exposure to electronic music?

Pirate Radio, I loved that it didn’t sound like anything before, I grew up being force fed all that 80’s pop believing that was what I was supposed to listen to, acid house showed me you didn’t even need lyrics, seeing Adamski live, what he could do with drum machines and keyboards, wow! I was blown away and grown ups hated it which I loved.
Who are your musical influences?

Musically I can listen to nearly anything, Jazz/Folk/Funk/Indie, I’m not a producer so I don’t really look at music the way they do, I used to obsess over particular dj’s then realised I was just copying them, I take away a little something from most mixes I hear.
What parties are you playing at this year?

I’m hoping to play some more MERJ events at Night Tales in Hackney, got a few little places I’m trying to get into, also Hackney, a few house party’s are on the cards too.
What were your favourite parties you’ve played at?

My friend’s house Parties are always good, we have so much fun, as the Tech has changed over the years we’ve used all kinds of equipment, had a few special guests too.
Do you produce your own music?

No, I use up enough time looking for new music, the hours these guys put in to produce one track, well, I’d never leave the house!!
Are you signed to a record label? no
Do you ever play live or do you just DJ? Just DJ
Who are some live acts that inspire you?

Orbital, these guys are just brilliant live, if you know their stuff you have goosebumps all night, check out their DJ set on mixmags The Lab on YouTube, they were The Labs very first guests, it’s a brilliantly crafted set. Groove Armada are very good live too, their mixture of sounds is fantastic.
Who were the 3 most influential artists of last year?

Black Coffee, he’s been putting himself about DJ,ing, I’m expecting some studio work soon, great vibe,
PBR Streetgang, really like their sound, Disco/Funk influences.

Eats Everything, has a residency on (god I can’t believe I’m gonna mention this) Radio 1, he sources music from everywhere,

If you could go to one gig tonight where would you go?

I’d like to see Black Coffee live, hell, I’d go anywhere at the moment!!
What can we expect from you this year? for sure, keep my show ticking along, time allowing I’d like to add some new features, and hopefully some live gigs.
What would you say the single most vital piece of tech is?

You can’t say that to a DJ, everything is connected, one thing goes with another thing then it works better with this thing and of course this thing over here, I don’t really need it but it does this flashy thing etc etc etc….
What is that thing that most people don’t know about you?

I love old cameras and film photography.
If you could give any advice to young DJ’s just starting to get into DJ’ing what would it be?
Get out of the bedroom, hit small bars & clubs, get as many slots as you can, play as many different places as you can with different crowds, play what makes them want to get dancing, open up your musical tastes for the crowd and eventually you’ll find your own style.
I got into DJ’ing around 1989/90, hosting local parties and small events, over the years it’s remained more of a hobby, pushing my mixtapes onto my network of friends, wether they want them or not.

Presenting House 61, Old Skool Vinyl House sessions.
Boony 2017-10-21 – Mixcloud


The tide is turning and quickly in favor of supporting legalized weed in the United States. It is no secret that public opinion has shifted pretty dramatically in the past decade in favor of legalization. A new gallop poll shows that the percentage of individuals in the United States supporting legalized marijuana is now at an all-time high – 64%.

Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized the drug and that number will likely only continue to rise. One in five Americans live in a state where they can legally smoke weed. However the current administration has ideology on drugs as dated as the mythological creatures they look like, so any sort of sweeping drug reform on a federal level seems as likely as finding a cheap place to live in Manhattan.

Either way, the support shows that the tide is turning and maybe people will start to make this issue more important for them when they hit the ballot box. According to the polling data, democrats and independents are heavily in favor, while republicans have just crossed the threshold of 51%, so maybe DOJ head Jeff Sessions will have to move on the issue if his party moves without him.

Source – magneticmag