AudioQuest JitterBug: Can a USB Filter Really Improve Your Audio? – GeekDad

The AudioQuest JitterBug isn’t a new pair of headphones with better speakers. It’s not an amp to boost the robustness of the sound being delivered to your headphones, and it’s not a DAC, trying to deliver the highest-resolution signals to your amp and headphones. It’s much more esoteric: it’s a filter for your USB port.

First, backing up: if you’re getting into higher-quality sound, delivered from your laptop or desktop computer, the first thing you learn is that you don’t want to listen to the music from the mic port. The on-board mic ports on most computers are using a very basic DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to change the bits of your sound files into analog audio signals going into your headphones or speakers. Instead, you plug a higher-grade DAC into a USB port. Then you probably plug an AMP into that, to boost the resulting signal (or the DAC and Amp are a combo unit). And then you plug your headphones/speakers into that for listening nirvana.
But the audiophile engineers at AudioQuest, ever looking for ways to improve the resulting sound just a little bit more, hit upon one of the weak points in this sonic workflow: the quality of the signal coming out of the USB port. Most people just think data is data, and if you’re getting a steady stream of 1s and 0s that isn’t doing anything special until the DAC turns it into analog signals, then what can you do to improve it


A Guide to Types of Cable Connector… | Dawsons Music

Picture this common scenario… You’ve just bought a new audio interface from your local branch of Dawsons. With your new toy clutched in your hand, you travel the distance home, anticipating setting it up, and beginning to record your ‘Magnum-Opus’, the double album concept that you’ve been working on for over a year. On arrival… Read More

Source: A Guide to Types of Cable Connector… | Dawsons Music

Turning Cellular Bacteria Into Sound | ADSR

Turning Cellular Bacteria Into Sound

Get acquainted with Micro-ritmos (micro-rhythms in English), a machine that transforms cellular bacteria into audible sound. In short, the machine analyzes real-time variances in the bacteria to send signal triggers to the lights. TheirPython code then finds patterns in the signals, subsequently triggering randomized, real-time sound.

Our simplified explanation doesn’t do much justice to the sophistication of the project; however, Create Digital Music has provided a detailed explanation, as well as listing the overall rig of Micro-ritmos:

  • RaspberryPi B+
  • RasPi camera module
  • Micro SD cards
  • Arduino
  • Bacterial cells
  • Lamps
  • SuperCollider for sound synthesis

Visit the full article from CDM for personal insight into the project. Also, the team has provided the full Python code for Micro-ritmos.

Source: Turning Cellular Bacteria Into Sound | ADSR

Pro Tools Expert Tutorials – The Vocal Production Handbook – Pro Tools Expert

This article contains a selection of video tutorials that cover vocal production, recording and mixing – The Vocal Production Handbook.

These tutorials are arranged in order of workflow.

Learn performance and pre-production skills for getting great sounding vocals before recording.
Learn how to track and drop-in vocals.
Learn how to edit, tune and mix vocals.
The 7 video tutorials* in this Vocal Recording Handbook total to a viewing time of 3 hours with six of the videos being available to watch by either signing up to our $3.99 monthly subscription or 7-day free trial – cancel anytime within those 7 days. (For more information about tutorial subscriptions please read the information at the bottom of this article)

*Excluding Learn Lead Vocals In Performance & Recording – This is a rental video. Rent for one year $34.99 – Watch as often as you like.

Vocal Pre-Production

Singing Techniques – Pre-Production – Recording

In this tutorial you will learn a complete set of skills ranging from performance through to recording and mixing vocals.

Pro Tools Expert Vocal Recording Articles

Vocal Sibilance – How To Beat It
5 Tips For Getting Better Backing Vocals
5 Common Mistakes When Recording Vocals
Performance And Technical Tips For Recording Vocals Part 1
Breathing And The Voice – In Performance And Production Part 1
Voice Projection – Pre And Post Production Part 1
Comping Vocals

In this tutorial you will learn how to comp vocals in the recording stage using Pro Tools track playlists.

Editing Vocals

Vocal Time Correction

In this video tutorial you will learn how to get layered vocals in time with each other using a third party plug-in called VocAlign by Synchro Arts. Learn an industry standard technique that takes only a matter of moments to learn.

Tuning Vocals

Melodyne – Pitch Correction With Natural Results

In this tutorial you will learn how to achieve natural sounding tuning when working on recorded vocals in Melodyne. Learn how small moves can make big differences to the pitch to a recorded vocal line.

Melodyne Techniques

In this video tutorial you will learn another approach to tuning vocals in Melodyne. Learn how to capture audio into Melodyne for processing and then everything from basic tuning techniques right through to convincing multi-part harmony arrangment.

Mixing Vocals

In these two tutorials you will learn how to edit and tidy up vocal recordings in Pro Tools. Learn how to work with large backing vocal arrangements and how EQ, compression and reverb play a big part in getting vocals to sit together.

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Pro Tools Expert Vocal Based Product Reviews

Egg presents: Erick Morillo (Extended Set) Tickets | Egg London London | Sat 19th November 2016 Lineup

Pirupa + Keinemusik – &Me, Adam Port, David Meyer

Line-up /

Main room:
Erick Morillo (Extended Set)
Emery Warman

Keinemusik feat.
Adam Port
David Mayer

With a stack of awards on his mantle piece, Erick Morillo is one of house music’s most celebrated characters. From his 90s roots as part of New York’s legendary Strictly Rhythm label, where he recorded under a dizzying array of aliases, including RAW and Li’l Mo Ying Yang, to conquering the UK charts as part of Reel II Reel with ‘I Like to Move It’, the New York born DJ has always exuded star quality. His Subliminal label spawned its own party series and he became one of the world’s most prolific DJs, collaborating with huge names like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, aka Puff Daddy. After a break in 2013, when his famous party lifestyle began to overshadow his DJing, he has since returned more vital and energetic than ever.

He’s joined by Pirupa. The Italian DJ and producer is best known for his 2012 Desolat smash ‘Party Non Stop’, but his versatile, often quirky house sound has also found a home on a dizzying array of labels including Drumcode, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Defected, Cècille, Viva Music, Saved, Noir Music, Snatch! Records and Suara. It’s this kind of productivity and popularity that’s raised him up to become RA’s 11th most charted artist. His NONSTOP label, launched in 2015, has since become a further platform for his sound, as well as allowing him collaborate with newer acts.

Taking over the second room are Berlin label Keinemusik, founded in 2009, bringing with them their all-star crew. Joint founder &ME is also one half of Terranova, who released their second on Kompakt last year to great acclaim. He’s joined by the prolific Adam Port, whose teutonic house and techno sound has graced labels such as Rockets & Ponies, Cocoon and Pets Recordings. Alongside them are rising German stars David Mayer, another founding member of the label whose magic production touch has previously been sought out by numerous other artists, and Reznik, a Berlin DJ whose tastes stretch from post-punk to techno, via house, disco, electro and everything of note else in-between.

Music Genres:

Electro, House


Source: Egg presents: Erick Morillo (Extended Set) Tickets | Egg London London | Sat 19th November 2016 Lineup


To celebrate Martin Buttrich’s tech collaboration with bluetooth speaker manufacturer Ruark Audio, the respected producer/DJ has given us a pair to give away to DJ Mag readers.

His favourite speakers to use on the road, Martin regularly mixes and produces music using his customised MR1s — from computer speakers to home-listening vinyl monitors, these little beauties will make your music sound incredible.

Valued at £300 and available in an exclusive pearl white colourway, don’t miss your chance to win a pair by answering the following question: “What is your favourite Martin Buttrich tune? Why?”

Please send answers to with full name, address and daytime telephone number. Competition closes midday on Friday, 18th November.