Irvine Welsh has revealed plans for a Trainspotting TV series ahead of the release of the sequel to the iconic 90s film next year.

Speaking to NME about plans for further adaptations of Trainspotting, Welsh said, “It’s all ruling on cable TV, cable TV has some interesting developments. We’re working on all these different kind of things.

“I think now anybody who’s in the book, whether they like it or not, they’re working on the way of being in the film. You keep that in mind. As soon as you’ve written it, you’re thinking about how it can move into different mediums.”

The official trailer for Trainspotting 2 landed earlier this month (November). The first look at the film came in July when a teaser trailer was revealed.

Trainspotting 2 was originally planned to hit cinemas to mark the 20th anniversary of the original film this year, but will now be released in UK cinemas on Friday 27th January.





Pioneering DJ and founder of The Loft David Mancuso has passed away – News – Mixmag

New York’s “original disco DJ” has died at age 72

At age 72, iconic DJ and founder of The Loft, known as the “first underground dance party” in New York, David Mancuso has passed away.

Mancuso is credited for inspiring and helping give way to the rise of DJing as a respected and legitimate art form and championed the underground party scene in 1970 with his inaugural event called Love Saves The Day. The positivity he inspired on and around the dancefloor gave way to future discotheques like Paradise Garage and The Gallery.

Mancuso was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005 for his outstanding work as a DJ and is honored by many as not only an immensely impactful figure of New York’s scene, but also as one of the pioneers of DJing and dance music culture as we know it today.

Source: Pioneering DJ and founder of The Loft David Mancuso has passed away – News – Mixmag

Rodger Sanchez Interview: S Man Days Of Future Past

Roger Sanchez talked collaborations, playing digitally and his S Man guise with Marko Kutlesa ahead of his upcoming UK shows.

Image: Roger Sanchez Credit: Jermaine Santiago

When Chicago house music arrived in the UK in the mid 1980s the pop charts heralded its arrival. Just a few years later, in combination with the drug ecstasy, the music caused a revolutionary youth movement of unparalleled hedonism.

But that wasn’t the last revolution to take place within the music. From the early 90s the British themselves would mould and stretch the American music’s potential, creating a myriad of unique and adventurous subgenres, from the possibilities of progressive house, to the deep mining of the two step beat in garage, to drum n’ bass, dubstep and many more. The Americans though had one very special card left to play in the abilities of a their DJs.

When DJs such as Roger Sanchez and Derrick Carter started appearing at UK nightclubs in the mid 1990s audiences were astounded. In the days before WAV files, CD mixers, Serato and the like, the boundaries of just what a DJ could do with two (or three) turntables and vinyl in the dance music medium were pushed further than anyone thought possible by these DJs.

Employing hip hop techniques, playing two copies of the same record to create loops and overlapping certain sections of two tracks over long mixes to effectively create new music spontaneously, Britain had never experienced such trickery in a disco. The crowds were wowed and homegrown DJs simply couldn’t compete. For a few years such Americans ruled the roost.

Sanchez’s international emergence as a DJ occurred, as with many, simultaneously with his arrival as a producer. Recording as Roger Sanchez, the S Man or in collaborative efforts such as the S Men, his remix services have also been called upon by pop music royalty such as Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk, Madonna, The Police and Maroon 5.

He has topped several polls for best DJ over many years, held a residency in Ibiza for over a decade and a half, and is a Grammy award winner. His biggest chart success came in 2001 with the single ‘Another Chance’ but many more of his productions have been played on house music dancefloors over the years, not least those on his own Stealth and UNDR THE RADR imprints. In recent years he has collaborated with several new school producers such as Man Without A Clue, Huxley and Tough Love.

Marko Kutlesa caught up with the S Man prior to his appearance at Uber in Carlisle and Toolroom Live at Egg London to talk about his current plans.

Source: Rodger Sanchez Interview: S Man Days Of Future Past

David Morales added to Electric Gardens launch party – News – Mixmag

The house DJ plays poolside at Sydney’s The Ivy in December.

NYC house artist David Morales has been added to the line-up of Electric Gardens Festival’s launch party.

Dubfire and Matador had already been announced for the December 10 event, which takes over The Ivy in Sydney ahead of the one-day festival in late January.

Morales will be taking care of business poolside to kickstart summer right in the New South Wales state capital. Second release tickets are available here.

Source: David Morales added to Electric Gardens launch party – News – Mixmag