DJ Shemy

My name is Przemek (eng”Pshemek”)
Im polish male DJ.
My first steps as professional DJ were in 1993
The first place I debuted as a DJ was the Dallas club in Wroclaw – Lesnica, then things have gone very quickly.
Killer Blue (Wroclaw), Kino (Śróda Slaska), Remix (Jelcz Laskowice), Bachus (Wroclaw), Reduta (Wroclaw), Buldog (Wrocław), Extasy (Wrocław), Collumbus( Wroclaw) Bunkier (Wrocław), Maximum (Wroclaw), Cart & horses (Stratford – London),The Bridge House (Bishops Stortford)

Time to say goodbye to DJ _ EMO and welcome new DJ _ Shemy ….. Why? Why? I’ve been an Emo for years, but I’m afraid I have nothing to do with Emo Style, so I need to change the name to better suit me

My career ended in 2004,
i think now its time for Re-Born as a DJ SHEMY

Check my MIXCLOUD website



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