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Turning Cellular Bacteria Into Sound

Get acquainted with Micro-ritmos (micro-rhythms in English), a machine that transforms cellular bacteria into audible sound. In short, the machine analyzes real-time variances in the bacteria to send signal triggers to the lights. TheirPython code then finds patterns in the signals, subsequently triggering randomized, real-time sound.

Our simplified explanation doesn’t do much justice to the sophistication of the project; however, Create Digital Music has provided a detailed explanation, as well as listing the overall rig of Micro-ritmos:

  • RaspberryPi B+
  • RasPi camera module
  • Micro SD cards
  • Arduino
  • Bacterial cells
  • Lamps
  • SuperCollider for sound synthesis

Visit the full article from CDM for personal insight into the project. Also, the team has provided the full Python code for Micro-ritmos.

Source: Turning Cellular Bacteria Into Sound | ADSR