Pro Tools Expert Tutorials – The Vocal Production Handbook – Pro Tools Expert

This article contains a selection of video tutorials that cover vocal production, recording and mixing – The Vocal Production Handbook.

These tutorials are arranged in order of workflow.

Learn performance and pre-production skills for getting great sounding vocals before recording.
Learn how to track and drop-in vocals.
Learn how to edit, tune and mix vocals.
The 7 video tutorials* in this Vocal Recording Handbook total to a viewing time of 3 hours with six of the videos being available to watch by either signing up to our $3.99 monthly subscription or 7-day free trial – cancel anytime within those 7 days. (For more information about tutorial subscriptions please read the information at the bottom of this article)

*Excluding Learn Lead Vocals In Performance & Recording – This is a rental video. Rent for one year $34.99 – Watch as often as you like.

Vocal Pre-Production

Singing Techniques – Pre-Production – Recording

In this tutorial you will learn a complete set of skills ranging from performance through to recording and mixing vocals.

Pro Tools Expert Vocal Recording Articles

Vocal Sibilance – How To Beat It
5 Tips For Getting Better Backing Vocals
5 Common Mistakes When Recording Vocals
Performance And Technical Tips For Recording Vocals Part 1
Breathing And The Voice – In Performance And Production Part 1
Voice Projection – Pre And Post Production Part 1
Comping Vocals

In this tutorial you will learn how to comp vocals in the recording stage using Pro Tools track playlists.

Editing Vocals

Vocal Time Correction

In this video tutorial you will learn how to get layered vocals in time with each other using a third party plug-in called VocAlign by Synchro Arts. Learn an industry standard technique that takes only a matter of moments to learn.

Tuning Vocals

Melodyne – Pitch Correction With Natural Results

In this tutorial you will learn how to achieve natural sounding tuning when working on recorded vocals in Melodyne. Learn how small moves can make big differences to the pitch to a recorded vocal line.

Melodyne Techniques

In this video tutorial you will learn another approach to tuning vocals in Melodyne. Learn how to capture audio into Melodyne for processing and then everything from basic tuning techniques right through to convincing multi-part harmony arrangment.

Mixing Vocals

In these two tutorials you will learn how to edit and tidy up vocal recordings in Pro Tools. Learn how to work with large backing vocal arrangements and how EQ, compression and reverb play a big part in getting vocals to sit together.

How Can I Watch These Videos?

Firstly you can watch the preview section of this video for free, no charge and with no sign up. If you have not yet signed up to the new platform, and you want to watch the rest of this video, and hundreds more like it, then you can by signing up for a free 7 day trial. If you aren’t satisfied it is a good deal then cancel the subscription within the 7 day trial period and it won’t cost you a penny. If you like it then for just $3.99 per month you can watch this and hundreds more videos like it.

If you are already an existing subscriber to our new video platform, then thank you for your support and you will be able to watch this video all the way through.

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