Glastonbury Festival may not have a home in 2019 – News – Mixmag

It’s proposed location of Longleat has apparently been blocked.

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis revealed how he’d been talking to the owners of Longleat, a stately home estate around 20 miles from the festival’s current site in Pilton, but now Eavis reckons the move won’t go ahead.

Although Longleat’s owner, Lord Bath, is thought to be a fan of hosting a festival, Eavis claims Bath’s son, Ceawlin Thynn, and his wife have blocked the plans.

Eavis told the Telegraph: “Longleat probably won’t happen anymore. Lord Bath is really keen. I went to him because I knew him when he was a boy.

“But he and his son aren’t agreeing, and they don’t speak very much, so it’s hard to make decisions. I haven’t been able to sit down with all of them at the same time”.

Weymouth and his wife attended this year’s Glastonbury, the muddiest ever, which Eavis says contributes towards Weymouth not wanting to host a music event at Longleat.

“They let me down gently about their decision. I went round to their house and we had a very long discussion.

“They said to clean up all that mud, they’d have to restrict the whole of the operations at Longleat for about three months and it’s too expensive.”

Yes it was muddy this year, but that didn’t stop us from having a magical time.


Source: Glastonbury Festival may not have a home in 2019 – News – Mixmag


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