Housefreqs Radio – Giuseppe Castani

Diversity is the key. Think out of the box!

Electronic Music is a way of life.“
– Giuseppe, August 2017
Energy, Groove and Melody, that´s it!

Giuseppe was born in 1980 and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, where the foundations of his love of a four-to-the-floor beat were laid when he became a drummer at school. Little did he know that his fascination with such sounds were just the beginning of what was to become a life-long love-affair with driving rhythm.

As a young man he was irresistibly drawn to the burgeoning Eurodance scene and it was at this point that Giuseppe became a fan of high-energy acts such as 2Unlimited, Captain Hollywood Project and SNAP.

By the end of the 1990s, this young dance music lover was so fascinated by electronic sounds that to him it seemed that the only logical next step was to delve further into the music scene and explore some of the harder, more underground sounds being played in the nightclubs of this era. It was at this point that Giuseppe first experienced Trance.

It was as a fan of Tillmann Uhrmacher, Talla2XLC and Paul van Dyk that Giuseppe for the first time, in a club environment, began to fully appreciate Techno . The combination of melodies used with a driving, urgent beat to produce a high energy track impressed him so much that he felt a burning desire to somehow contribute to the scene. His move from away from Trance to harder, progressive Techno in some way signified the completion of Giuseppe’s next stage of exploring the diversity of sound on offer in the world of electronic music

Acts such as Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola and Speedy J were key players in the music industry at that time and Giuseppe had an insatiable passion for electronic music. The first decade of the 21st century, therefore, became for him a voyage of discovery through many of the different genres available; from Trance, to House, to Tribal Techno, to Hardgroove, to Tech House… As long as as the music had that energy, Giuseppe would thrive on the buzz it created. Sub-genres became irrelevant to him. He loved techno and sub-genres were less important to him than the sound of the music itself.

Already Giuseppe had begun to think out of the box where music was concerned; he would not permit his voracious appetite for techno to be restricted by pigeon-holing the tracks he listened to.

Eventually Giuseppe’s deep love of music led him to a career as a DJ which began in 2003. This continued until 2014, during which time Giuseppe played with pleasure and success at various establishments such as Clubs like MTW, U60311, Fusion Club, Butan Club, Dom im Berg and more. He was also came to be considered a regular guest at major events such as Nature One, Airbeat One, Electric City and more.

These days Giuseppe remains just as inspired as at the beginning of his electronic music journey by sounds with groove, with energetic rhythms, of between 125 to 140 beats per minute. And, these days, Giuseppe continues to think out of the box, not only in the music he listens to but also in the music he plays: any track which fulfills the aforementioned criteria you may find in one of his sets.

Giuseppe can now look back upon an impressive fifteen years of working with electronic music and would be considered a multi-genre DJ. He believes that it doesn’t matter if it’s Techno, Trance, Progressive or Tech-House… Because what he cares most about is making sure that, whilst listening, you can’t stand still!

For him, diversity in music, as well as its groove and energy, are fundamental to the love he has for it.

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Housefreqs Radio welcomes – Dj Funktion

A house and techno dj who learned his craft by playing clubs and bars in London and the south east England almost 10 years ago.
Now based in toronto I’m bringing the skills I’ve learned in the uk to the west.
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Housefreqs Radio – Dominic Aquila

Dominic Aquila comes with a wealth of experience, having started working in the seminal record shop City Sounds in the late 90s. Originally playing the first wave of tech house now playing music that sits somewhere between house and techno. Always deep, dubby and with a groove. Always music that builds and creates atmosphere. His influences are still heavily based on the early tech house scene that emerged in London at the turn of the century, think Siesta, Wiggle, Tango, Eukahouse, Greyhound etc. but with a nod towards the plethora of modern electronic music genres.
His productions reflect his influences and sounds and have received great feedback from many of the scenes most discerning selectors.
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Housefreqs Radio – Stemvork

Belgian DJ/Producer Stemvork first started listening to trance & house music in the year 1998. After hearing the melodic arpeggios and sounds , the love for this particular genre was inevitable. At the age of 16, he started DJ-ing at a local youth-hostel. Soon after that he got his first gigs at local parties and later on in Disco’s like The Lamborghieni.
Adding to his collection of great music over the years, he started experimenting with other sub genres such as Progressive, Techno, Deep House, Electronica, Afro House and even EDM. As these genres started melting into each other, his sound was further perfected to what it is now. With a mix of deep basslines, tribal percussions and melodic arps and synths, he tends to warm your soul and move your feet. Taking you on a journey he calls Sunset Souls.
Having releases and remixes on labels like Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive, AH Digital, Old SQL and Stellar Fountain, he is no stranger to producing. Together with dj buddy Config, he has some very interesting releases coming up in the near future!
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Housefreqs Radio – Menace

Used to DJ back when people used to dance in fields and not watch gigs through their phones and music was just choons. Menace plays mostly funky, disco vibes, pianos and wailing women stuff that makes you wave your hands in the air and have it.

You can now find Menace rocking private parties and invite only gigs though starting to branch out into the wider world to get back into it and give something back to the party people!

Socialise @




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Housefreqs Radio – DjOYO

Eyosias aka DJ OYO is born in Addis Abeba (Ethiopian) and growing up in Berlin (Germany) since the mid-eighties, he was always been surrounded by classical music from many different national/cultures in all sorts of music direction.

He began then DJing hip hop/r&b on a turntable in the 90´s. As he moved from Berlin to Frankfurt, he learned more about the house squad on the dancefloors with house party-people of Frankfurt.

He started musically then from there in house and apply to mix as a DJ.

From Frankfurt thru out the whole World mixing sounds like Soulful-Deep House, Electro, Minimal, Vocal House, Chicago House, Ghetto Tech, Gangster House, Ibiza House, Dutch and still all the way to Hip Hop, Urban, Rnb, Black Club and more.

DJ OYO is also the head/founder of Bembel Beatz based in Frankfurt and Producer.

House Music DJ DjOYO
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Housefreqs Radio – The TWX

The TWX is an attentive DJ who delivers non-stop energy and sets a great vibe.

Musical Genres/Styles

• House 118-128 bpm
• Techno 121-128 bpm

The TWX is well versed in most facets of House but has an affinity for Deep House and Tech House. He also loves playing Techno ranging from Detroit to Berlin. As an avid lover of vocals, he frequently uses samples and acapellas to further deepen the vibe. Playing all these distinct yet similar styles allows him to both cater to a diverse crowd of individuals, and bring them together as one.

The Awakening

The TWX entered the club scene in 2008 as a promoter for “Triple T,” a successful night at a local Montreal bar called Blizzarts. Within a few years, he was deeply immersed in the MontreaI nightlife and began DJing in 2011. By 2012 The TWX was hired on for his first weekly residency at Blue Dog, an underground gem on St. Laurent. With a move across the country to Calgary in 2014, The TWX decided to expand his techniques and skillset and subsequently took up production in 2015.

Joie De Vie

The TWX believes that music is the global language that brings people together. He does this for the looks on all the dancers’ faces; it may be a smile or a head nod. Whatever it is, you know that they are just in their zone grooving away. In that moment I have successfully washed away all of their cares and all that matters is right now! Any DJ or performer knows exactly what I am talking about! Taking people on a musical journey is both a pleasure and a privilege.
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